Mescalero Tribal Court

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | March 31, 2017 2:25 pm

159 Deer Trail

Mescalero, NM 88340

Phone: (575) 464-0414    Color Code Hot Line: (575) 464-9375

Fax: (575) 464-4863

General email:  [email protected][1]

Mission Statement

To hear and process cases for all community members seeking justice or relief in accordance to the Mescalero Apache Constitution, Laws, Ordinances, and Traditions and Customs in an impartial and efficient manner.

Hours of Operation

            Monday – Friday        8:00 am – 4:30 pm (Open during the lunch hour)

General Docket Schedule

Civil Hearings

Children’s Hearings

ITMO: Juvenile





Traffic Citations

Conservation Citations

Monday-Friday (AM)

Monday-Friday (PM)

Monday-Friday (PM)


Monday & Wednesday at 1:30 PM

Friday & Holiday at 10:30 AM





Filing Fees

Civil $35.00

Appeal $25.00

Divorce $50.00

Drop Fee $35.00


Legal Advice

The court staff and Judges cannot provide legal advice to anyone. A list of Lay Advocates who are approved to practice in the Mescalero Tribal Court is available at the front reception.

Office of Public Defender

Andrew Ottaway, Public Defender

Keriana Barcus, Asst. Public Defender

Kristen Tissnolthtos, Administrative Assistant

Mescalero Apache Tribe

108 Central Mescalero, NM 88340

Phone: 575-464-9213

Fax: 575-464-4955

SORNA Officer

Samuel Klinekole, Conservation Officer

Ruben Peralta, Conservation Officer

at Mescalero Conservation Law Enforcement Department

Phone: 575-464-9323 OR 575-464-9527

Fax: 575-973-5601

*Information regarding sex offender list, please contact:

Conservation Officer Samuel Klinekole or Ruben Peralta[2]

Mescalero Probation office

Lead Probation Officer

Administrative Assistant/

Probation Officer

Probation Officer

Probation Officer

Probation Officer


Anna Scott


Rosynelle Smith

Nena Evans


Offices located at Mescalero Tribal Offices

108 Central Mescalero, NM 88340


Anna Scott

Rosynelle Smith

Nena Evans




Fax: 575-464-4489



Pro Se Handbook (Self-Help)[3]

Civil Cases

  1. Protection / Restraining Order
    • Form Packet[4]
  2. Application to Modify, Terminate, Extend-Protection Order
    • Form Packet[5]
  3. Motion Alleging Violation of Protection / Restraining Order
    • Form Packet[6]
  4. Affidavit[7]
  5. Dissolution of Marriage
    • Form Packet[8]
  6. Name Change
    • Form Packet[9]
  7. Estate
    • Form Packet[10]

Glossary of Legal Terms[11]

Criminal Cases

  1. Affidavit[7]
  2. Subpoena Form[12]
  3. Bond Return Request Form[13]

Children’s Cases

  1. Affidavit[7]
  2. Adoption
    • Form Packet[14]
  3. Child Support
    • Form Packet[15]


  • Form[16]

Contact Information

  • Form[17]

Notice of Legal Representation

  • Form[18]

Miscellaneous Forms

Extra Sheet-Affidavit[19]

Payroll Deduction Authorization[20]

Request to Make Payments[21]

Request for Records[22]

Recusal Request[23]

All forms must be complete and contain all contact information of the parties.

Complete all forms including party for court to serve. If opposing party address is not known, it may delay the processing of the case.  Incomplete forms and forms lacking opposing party information may result in a delay in setting your case on the docket.

It is your responsibility to inform the court clerks of your current physical residence and mailing addresses.

Court Staff

Chief Judge

Associate Judge

Associate Judge

Court Administrator

Court Clerk

Court Clerk

Court Clerk

Court Clerk

Court Clerk

Court Clerk

Security Officer


Process Server


Interim Chief Judge, Pamela Morgan


Hon. Janice Merino

Esperanza Gallagher

Zandra Smith

Alieh Shaffer

Mary Tsinnijinnie

Erma Allard

Malia Enjady

Dealyn Chimal

Lemuel Rocha

Rory Chino

Ivan Scott


  1. [email protected]: mailto:[email protected]
  3. Pro Se Handbook (Self-Help):
  4. Form Packet:
  5. Form Packet:
  6. Form Packet:
  7. Affidavit:
  8. Form Packet:
  9. Form Packet:
  10. Form Packet:
  11. Glossary of Legal Terms:
  12. Subpoena Form:
  13. Bond Return Request Form:
  14. Form Packet:
  15. Form Packet:
  16. Form:
  17. Form:
  18. Form:
  19. Extra Sheet-Affidavit:
  20. Payroll Deduction Authorization:
  21. Request to Make Payments:
  22. Request for Records:
  23. Recusal Request:

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