Four Directions Treatment & Recovery Center of Mescalero

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | April 12, 2016 11:19 am

Counseling Services for Alcohol/ Drug Abuse of Adult and Adolescents

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Guniigú’ ligu jiinda’ eé – Sober Living

General Information

Mescalero Tribal Human Services (MTHS) was established in the 1970’s by the Mescalero Apache Tribe to provide substance abuse services to in-patient and out-patient treatment for federally recognized tribal members.  MTHS has evolved to provide professional treatment for individuals and families who have problems with alcohol and drug addiction.

MTHS is funded through a grant from Indian Health Services for a no-cost 90-day Inpatient and Outpatient Program for all Federally recognized Enrolled Tribal Members. MTHS offers educational, physical, spiritual, mental, and moral treatment.

MTHS also offers 90-day Family Residential Treatment program that focuses on family preservation.  The family program allows one parent and up to three children who are between the ages of six months to 12 years old.

MTHS additionally offers Adolescent Outpatient and Aftercare Services.  The Adolescent Program focus on family issues and substance abuse counseling with an emphasis on prevention and recovery.

MTHS has a 12-week Aftercare Program for adults and adolescents to promote and encourage sobriety and relapse prevention.

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Admission Criteria

The key to successful treatment is the initial evaluation and assessment of the client by treatment professionals.  The determination for admission to the program is based upon on an initial assessment and the following criterion:

Request for Admission Paperwork: Mandy Chico, File Clerk

Office: 575-464-4433 Fax: 575-464-4331

Email: [email protected]

Substance Abuse Clinical Services

Group Counseling

Substance Abuse Education

Relationships Group

Anger Management

Stress Management

Parenting Classes

Process Group

Relapse Prevention

Step Presentation

Family Series


Individual Counseling

12-Step Study


Traditional Group

Case Management


Life Skills Education

Health Education

Referral Services

Adult Inpatient  Substance Abuse —90 day program

Alcoholic Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous

After Care Treatment

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Hnzhu hndasá jagał – One will go forward in a good way

Key Services


Violence Against Women Awareness Program (VAWA) [1]is a new program to MTHS that provides support and awareness of Domestic Violence Issues to community members and tribal community programs.  This program also offers counseling to domestic violence victims and their families.

child welfare & family services[2]

Indian Child and Welfare Act Program[3] is also a new program to MTHS that focuses on Mescalero Apache Children and Families who are either in a tribal system, and or state child custody.  The goal of the program is to keep Mescalero Apache children on the reservation by licensing Mescalero Apache families.  Another goal is to facilitate and support family preservation through education and case management.

Prevention Outreach Education is a MTHS program initiative to provide substance abuse education, tribal tobacco prevention and cessation, and domestic violence issues for children, teens, and adults.  Outreach programs provides awareness and prevention, at no-cost, through education.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training program to teach community members and service providers on mental health issues and/or experiencing a mental health crises.  MHFA training helps individuals to identify, understand, and respond to signs of potential high-risk individuals.

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Physical Address

107 Sunset Loop

Mescalero, NM  88340

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 228

Mescalero, NM  88340


575-464-4331 (FAX)

Hours of Operation

Mescalero Apache - Copy

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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