Career Openings

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | June 4, 2014 9:35 am

**Human Resources will be working with a skeleton crew due to Executive Order 20-05 and will be open for phone calls only, Monday-Friday, 9am – 12noon and 12:30pm-4pm.  Please stay safe and practice social distancing.**

Browse Openings:

Chief Financial Officer[1] (open until filled)

Dietary Manager[2] (open until filled)

Custodian/Maintenance Worker[3] (open until filled)

Water Technician/Ranch Mechanic[4] (closes August 21, 2020)

Head Start Director[5] (open until filled)

Tenant Services Representative[6] (open until filled)

Surveillance Agent[7] (open until filled)

Human Resources Specialist[8] (open until filled)

Firefighter/EMT[9] (open until filled)

Resident Attendant[10] (open until filled)

Child Care EMT-Supervisor[11] (open until filled)

Early Childhood Director[12] (open until filled)

Licensed Clinical Therapist[13] (open until filled)

Counselor[14] (open until filled)

Mescalero Care Center:

Mescalero Apache School[19]




Liaison-Tularosa Municipal Schools[22] (open until filled)

Student Success Specialist[23] (open until filled)

Program Manager[24]

How to Apply

Submit application to the Department of Human Resources at:

108 Central Ave.

Mescalero Apache Tribe


Print Application


Employment opportunities with the Mescalero Apache Tribe enforce tribal preference policies and applicants must apply through the Human Resources Office unless otherwise instructed by the department in which the applicant is applying.

Current job openings from Inn of the Mountain Gods, Casino Apache Travel Center and Ski Apache must be applied at Inn of the Mountain Gods Business Center.

View Business Center Openings

  1. Chief Financial Officer:
  2. Dietary Manager:
  3. Custodian/Maintenance Worker:
  4. Water Technician/Ranch Mechanic:
  5. Head Start Director:
  6. Tenant Services Representative:
  7. Surveillance Agent:
  8. Human Resources Specialist:
  9. Firefighter/EMT:
  10. Resident Attendant:
  11. Child Care EMT-Supervisor:
  12. Early Childhood Director:
  13. Licensed Clinical Therapist:
  14. Counselor:
  15. Assistant Activity Aid:
  16. Application:
  17. CNA:
  18. RN and LPN:
  19. Mescalero Apache School:
  20. Softball Coach:
  21. EcoServants:
  22. Liaison-Tularosa Municipal Schools:
  23. Student Success Specialist:
  24. Program Manager:

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