Do you need help to quit smoking commercial tobacco?

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | December 15, 2023 3:28 pm

Indian Health Service and the National Cancer Institute’s Initiative, have launched SmokefreeNATIVE[1] — a new, free text messaging program to help American Indian and Alaska Natives to quit smoking commercial tobacco. 

Mobile health tools like SmokefreeNATIVE are advantageous as they have the potential to reach more people than other behavioral interventions and are often less costly. SmokefreeNATIVE was culturally adapted from SmokefreeTXT[2], a text message program that has been used by more than 480,000 people who want to quit smoking.

It was developed by and for Native people to offer a culturally aligned, digital resource to improve access to evidence-based smoking cessation support. SmokefreeNATIVE braids together smoking cessation support with key themes and content reflecting American Indian and Alaska Native cultural experiences, worldviews, and traditions. 

SmokefreeNATIVE offers 6 weeks of smoking cessation assistance and support with up to two weeks of preparation messages. People who smoke and are ready to set a date to stop can enroll online[3] or by texting NATIVE to 47848. Participants will receive three to five messages each day with culturally-relevant information, encouragement, and support to help guide them on their journey to a smoke-free lifestyle. More information is available in the IHS Blog[4].

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