Holt Hamilton Films Releases New Movie Trailer for “Touch the Water”

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | August 17, 2023 9:53 am

Apple iTunes Movie Trailers puts ‘Touch the Water’ on Front Page!

MESA, ARIZONA, USA ─ Holt Hamilton’s newest Native American movie “Touch the Water” has
released its official trailer for the film. The trailer can be found on Holt Hamilton Films website: https://
www.holthamilton.com/touch-the-water.html, Holt Hamilton Films YouTube channel, or Apple
iTunes Movie Trailers: https://trailers.apple.com/.

The film, after numerous cancelled production dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was finally
produced in June 2021. The story follows the fictional journey of an 80 old Native American woman
named Daisy, played by first-time actor Perci Ami, who searches for purpose and excitement in life
despite her daughters attempts to put her in a home and sale her house. The movie’s timely theme You Are Never Too Old To Dream also seems appropriate for our current world situation.

“I met Holt Hamilton at a conference were he was showing his movie “More Than Frybread”. He asked if
I would try out for one of the parts. I knew I wouldn’t get the part, I am not a actor.” Perci Ami shared in a
written statement. She not only got the part, she became the star of the film. “Giving an old lady like me
an opportunity to live and take a risk is one of the greatest gifts of trust and hope.” Ami shared.

“Touch the Water” will be the sixth Native American-themed movie in Holt Hamilton’s indigenous film
collection. Their first movie ‘Turquoise Rose’, also starred first-time, Native American actors in leading
roles. “We’ve been giving first-time actors, Native and non-native, opportunities for two decades to have
speaking roles and time up on the big screen. I counted a few years ago how many actors were first timer’s in our feature films with speaking parts, and it was over 100. Simply amazing! This has been my mission since day one, 20-some years before the now common phrases ‘diversity and inclusion’ were
being tossed around by mainstream Hollywood. It’s good to see others trying to catch up!” laughed
writer/director Holt Hamilton in a recent interview, who calls himself a “very small indie filmmaker way
off the Hollywood campus, trying to make big dreams with little resources.”

The film plans to be released theatrically in November, opening on a few screens and then rolling out to
many more. “We shoot for the stars on this one and dream the film plays on 500 screens. That would
make the battle through the pandemic worth the struggle”, stated Hamilton. After the theatrical run, the
movie will continue to search for audiences nationwide with screenings at various senior venues,
community centers and smaller sized private showings. “We are even looking at holding some screenings
with our favorite frybread vendors!” Hamilton said with laughter, but a hint of seriousness in his eyes.


Holt Hamilton Films is a Veteran owned, Arizona based company committed to sharing stories that will
make For a Better World: Providing Quality, Family-Friendly, Uplifting Wholesome Entertainment

  1. https://www.holthamilton.com/touch-the-water.html: https://www.holthamilton.com/touch-the-water.html

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