Mescalero Apache Tribe Housing Department seeking bids

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | December 5, 2022 12:02 pm

List of projects with opportunities to bid on: 

  1. Windy Point II- All materials provided, Contractor supplies their own tools and equipment
    1. Bidding for 25 driveways for two cars.
    2. 23 Crawl space doors. Inside each of the homes laundry rooms contractor will need to cut out the space and properly seal with door.
    3. 23 Decks
  2. Private Lots (currently four of them).
    1. These four are already contracted, any future will be out for bidding to do foundations, skirting, decks, walkways and stairs
  3. Schoolyard Circle- Possibly six houses
    1. Foundations, skirting, walkway and stairs. Depending on the house if a deck is needed.
    2. Electrician for setting up and installation of power.
  4. Windy Point III- New development, List of items to bid on coming shortly
  5. A Dii Ni’ Kuwaa – New development. List of items to bid on coming shortly

Deadline to submit Bids will be December 16th, 2022, at 3:00 p.m.

Some of these projects may be undertaken using in-house crews, depending on their availability and work-load, and not be available for bidding.  These projects may be bid in-part, or not at all.

Scopes of Work will be provided, Upon Requests, by Executive Director and Special Projects Manager themselves, for each project.

Contact Information

MATHD Office at 575-464-9235 OR

Executive Director, Mr. Craig Dougall, email: [email protected][1] Work Cell: 575-495-8357. OR

Mr. Gerald Blakely, Special Projects Manager, email: [email protected][2] Phone number: 912-536-4735.

  1. [email protected]: mailto:[email protected]
  2. [email protected]: mailto:[email protected]

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