Food Box distribution was a big success!

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | November 18, 2021 4:28 pm

The Tribe was able to help several of our Tribal members with the food. Gathering and handing out food takes a great deal of organization and physical energy of everyone involved. The Tribe would like to particularly thank the Administration, DRMP, Mescalero Parks & Recreation[1], Mescalero Roads[2], Center Maintenance and Tribal Maintenance for their TREMENDOUS efforts and time. We very much appreciate you.

The Tribe also recognizes and genuinely thanks Kelly Collins and Richard Brown of MCM Solutions LLC for their generous donation! The food box distribution wouldn’t be made possible if it wasn’t for their donation – THANK YOU Kelly and Richard. Another thing the Tribe is grateful for from Kelly and Richard is they employ a big number of Tribal members for the food service at the Afghani Village on the Holloman Air Force Base. They are very pleased and impressed by the work ethic Tribal members’ show when working at the Afghani Village.

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  2. Mescalero Roads:

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