Violence Against Woman Valentine Fun Walk

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | February 25, 2021 2:38 pm

Information provided by VAW Case Manager, Hazel Spottedbird

In observance of Valentine’s Day our program sponsored a Fun Walk on February 13, 2021. One of our goals is to bring our community together to address topics on domestic violence throughout the year. Of course 2020 was not a good year as we had to deal with the pandemic. So it is in our plans, for 2021, to have more outdoor events and possibly a Conference.

Our event, which was the “Valentine’s Day Fun Walk” was a success. We had over forty participants. A t-shirt was given as an incentive, and prizes were also given via a drawing.

The VAW staff did a wonderful job in preparing for this event! Notices for this event were posted throughout the community weeks in advance… from there we started receiving phone calls for sign up. Our team worked on signs which were set up along the walking path. Awesome work!

Parents with their children and grandparents with their grandchildren were in attendance. We had couples join us. We also had Councilwoman Marilee Garcia participating. Thank you for supporting our cause! All in all it was a wonderful morning to come together with the community. The weather couldn’t have been any better!

February is recognized as “Teen Dating Awareness Month”. As parents, and grandparents, we always look out for what we feel is best for our children/grandchildren. Some look at this as being traditional in our home(s). Control is not always the answer for teenagers, so we must do our part to educate them on what a relationship should be like, and could be, if they are made aware of improper distractions. Information related to this topic was made available for the participants during the Walk.

Again, as part of our event we had twenty-two prizes to give out. The following is a list of the winners:

  • Nicholas Ahidley – Hershey Cup with Crackers & Marshmallows
  • Debra Enjady – Russell Stover Candy
  • Megan Smith – Teddy Bear w/Chocolate Taffy Candy
  • JayliAnn Venego – Panda Bear
  • Becenti Platero, Jr. – Reese’s Mini Candy
  • Demetris Trujillo – Oreo Cookie Box
  • Karlene Toehay – Teddy Bear
  • Elyssia Salas – Russell Stover Candy
  • Martha Duffy – Teddy Bear
  • Helen Tissnolthtos – Kit Kat Mini Candy
  • Tyler Apachito – Teddy Bear
  • Mason Ahidley – Teddy Bear w/Chocolate Taffy Candy
  • Solomon Salas – Russell Stover Candy
  • Elvalyn Naiche – Russell Stover Candy
  • Charis Blake – Gift Box w/Cup & Candy
  • Braye Venego – Teddy Bear
  • Delilah Treas – Russell Stover Candy
  • Tarren Viesca – Bear w/Candy Hearts
  • Trudy Blaylock – Reese’s Mini Candy
  • Zander Ahidley – Teddy Bear w/Hershey Cup & Candy
  • Crystal Melendrez – Oreo Cookie Box
  • Clayton Brown – Teddy Bear

A few pictures were taken which we want to share with you.

“Thank you” to EVERYONE who took the time, on a Saturday, to join us and participate in the Walk.

Look out for more event announcements to come!

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