“When should I test if I’m a direct COVID-19 contact?”

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | November 19, 2020 4:03 pm

Important information provided by Mescalero IHS:

“When should I test if I’m a direct COVID contact?”

Incubation for the COVID virus ranges from 2-14 days. This means COVID is unlikely to show up on a test <2 days after being a direct contact. Average incubation time within the 2-14 day window is 5-7 days after contact, which is the best time to test. (The definition of a direct contact is that you were within 6 feet of a person with COVID for at least 15 min.)

The most accurate COVID test at this time for a contact without symptoms is a send-out, which takes a 5-6 days to get the result. Even though you may be understandably anxious about your result, if you are going to test for COVID, you should be obtaining the most accurate test you can. If you feel that you are a contact then isolate and wear a mask until you are called with your results.

If you test multiple times within the incubation period (2-14 days) you may get called with a negative result with one test and then called with a positive result after. This is due to testing multiple times during the incubation period and testing too early. The accurate time to test is 5-7 days after exposure to a COVID positive person.

Anxiety about COVID is a very normal and common thing in this time period; if you would like to have someone to even just briefly talk to, one of our behavioral health providers would love to help (464-3827 for behavioral health front desk).

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