State Auditor Colón wants YOU to Count!

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | April 27, 2020 10:16 am

State Auditor Brian S. Colón and NM Public Procurement Association Urge New Mexicans to be Counted and Complete the 2020 Census Today

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Auditor Colón, through the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) and the New Mexico Public Procurement Association (NMPPA), urge New Mexicans to complete their 2020 Census forms today. The COVID-19 outbreak is reinforcing the critical importance of completing the 2020 Census. How federal tax dollars are allocated, to fund health clinics and hospitals, public safety organizations such as fire and police departments, and schools, is based on the Census count.

“You deserve to be counted and your responses will impact New Mexico’s resources for the next ten years,” said Auditor Colón. “New Mexicans deserve fair representation and a quality of life that will allow them to thrive in New Mexico. The Census will determine how many federal dollars New Mexico receives over the next ten years for our hospitals, our schools, and so many vital human services New Mexicans rely on.”  

“The New Mexico Public Procurement Association (NMPPA) is encouraging its statewide membership to complete the 2020 Census.” Said NMPPA President, Rennette Apodaca. “The Association understands the vital importance an accurate count means for New Mexico to receive the federal funding it requires for procuring goods and services for operational excellence in New Mexico.”

The Association has served New Mexico public entities for 22 years and has over 360 members state wide.  NMPPA members are instrumental in procuring goods and services utilizing taxpayers funds. The Association has sent out reminder emails to its membership and encouraged completion of the 2020 Census via social media. 

Unfortunately, responses to the 2020 Census from New Mexicans is lower than the current national average of 52.4%. As of today, only 41.5% of New Mexicans have responded, according to the US Census Bureau. In a state as unique as New Mexico, where many of our residents reside in rural communities, completing the Census may prove difficult. However, New Mexicans, for the first time, may now respond to the Census online, by phone, or by mail.

Under normal conditions the US Census would engage outreach efforts to better assist Census takers in rural communities. However, as a consequence to the COVID-19 health crisis much of the door-to-door outreach is limited due to social distancing efforts to combat the Coronavirus from spreading. That is why New Mexicans statewide, but more so in rural communities, are being asked to be proactive in completing the form online or by phone. The stakes are high in New Mexico and the 2020 Census will guide the distribution of billions in federal dollars each state receives over the next ten years. New Mexico needs YOU to RESPOND TODAY to ensure you count and that New Mexico gets the funds we need and deserve.


To complete your Census online visit:[1]

To complete your Census by phone you may call: 1-844-330-2020

To complete your Census by mail, simply return the form you received (note if you receive mail at a PO Box you will not have received a form and you should complete the Census online or by phone).

Census responses are required and guides are available online in 59 languages. For more information visit[2]

Tribal members can also visit here [3]for more info.

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