2020 Tribal Inauguration

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | January 16, 2020 9:57 am

Tribal Council

Alfred LaPaz sharing a few words after being sworn in as a member of the 2020 Tribal Council while being surrounded by his family. Tribal Court Judge, Jennifer Byers helps Alfred recite the oath of office.

Alfred LaPaz, returns from his last term as Tribal Council back in 2016, “I’m looking forward to working together.” He says. Alfred has over ten years of expertise in fulfilling the role as Tribal Council.

Fernando Rocha speaking about his willingness to work with all Council members after being sworn in by Tribal Court Judge, Pamela Morgan. Joining Fernando is his family.

Fernando Rocha begins another two year term as a member of the Tribal Council. During his speech, he mentions that in order to lessen hardships that the Council may encounter, collaborating with one another will be easier.

Merilee Garcia is surround by her family as she recites the oath of office given by Tribal Court Judge, Pamela Morgan.

Merilee Garcia is the newest member to the Tribal Council. With background in BIA services, she is ready to work in collaboration with everyone.

Frederick Chino Sr. being administered the oath of office by Tribal Court Judge, Pamela Morgan.

Frederick Chino Sr. also returns being a member of the Tribal Council. He has served as a Councilman, Vice-President, and President in past years. Having quite the knowledge of the Mescalero Apache Tribe Constitution instilled in him, Frederick has a wealth of wisdom and guidance to share with his fellow Council members. When given the chance to speak after he was administered the oath, Frederick first thanked the people, especially the elderly, for allowing him to serve another two years.

Eddie Martinez, the New Vice President

Vice President Eddie Martinez looks on while reciting the oath of office given by Tribal Court Judge, Pamela Morgan.

Eddie Martinez is now the Vice President after serving one year as a Tribal Council member. While on Council, Eddie served on the Tribal Programs and Tribal Resources Committees.  Housing is a matter that is important to Eddie and says he will continue his positive efforts on improving housing.

President Aguilar of the Mescalero Apache Tribe

President Gabe Aguilar raises his right hand as he says the oath of office, given by Tribal Court Judge Jennifer Byers, while his family surrounds him.

The newly sworn in Mescalero Apache Tribe President, Gabe Aguilar, withholds five consecutive terms serving as a Tribal Council member and Vice President combined. Gabe has served the Tribe for a number of years and has tremendous knowledge and expertise in being a leader. He first mentions the importance of having an open door policy meaning he is available to meet with people on the day-to-day to basis. He feels that listening to the people and talking with them about their concerns is key in helping them find solutions. While speaking about the Tribe’s accomplishments, goals, and anticipated economic development thus far, he expressed his gratitude to his family, friends, supporters and God for his successful campaign.

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