Outgoing administration receive certificate for their hard work

by Mescalero Apache Tribe | January 8, 2020 2:26 pm

Left to right: Marilyn Blaylock, Councilwoman; President Gabe Aguilar; Sandra Platero, Councilwoman; and Tammy Torres, Vice President

Marilyn Blaylock, Sandra Platero, and Tammy Torres received recognition at the end of their last Tribal Council meeting on January 8, 2020. Each expressed their gratitude on working with everyone during their term and each shared advice to their fellow government leaders. Marilyn and Sandra will finish their term as Councilwomen and Tammy will finish her term as Vice-President.

Left to right: Ardena Orosco, Tribal Administrator; President Gabe Aguilar; and Euphrasia Platta, Chief of Staff

Ardena Orosco, Tribal Administrator and Euphrasia Platta, Chief of Staff were also recognized for their tremendous work within the Tribal Administration offices. As they exit, Ardena and Euphrasia will also be working closely with the new incoming administration to ensure a smooth transition.

Left to right, back row: Dawn Hosetosavit, Councilwoman; Bernalyn Via, Councilwoman; Eddie Martinez, Councilman; Larry Brusuelas, Councilman; President Gabe Aguilar; Fernando Rocha, Councilman. Front Row, left to right: Sandra Platero, Councilwoman; Tammy Torres, Vice President; and Marilyn Blaylock, Councilwoman.

Thank you all for years of service!

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